Saintes, France


Light Falls

Light falls intones J R Robinson on Wrekmeister Harmonies release.  As I listened it seemed a fitting description to what is going on in this painting.  Yet again it’s about avoiding any stylistic convention but finding the appropriate language to capture the moment as light falls.  


Pour marquer le passage du temps chaque année autour de mon anniversaire je tente un auto portrait.  l’idée et peut être l’avantage c’est d’effacer les anciens.    

Drawings and suspension

The idea of suspension is common but has many connotations.  By removing the surface that supports an object, table or floor, I feel that I’m able to negate the tendency to interpret a narrative dictated by the space.  A lot of my compositon has this concern. I like graphite for it’s fine texture, it’s lack…
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